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If you have a property for rent in Athens, join! Offering constant maintenance of your property, being punctual with payments, is your ideal tenant! You never miss out on income, you will enjoy constant maintenance of your property and be certain that the guests will be thoroughly reliable.

Trust your property to!

  • We rent your apartment for at least three years, paying you the rent every month.
  • We ensure that every property stays in perfect condition at all times.
  • You always have the option to take your property back within a short-term notice.
  • We will rent your property to guests that need accommodation for a medium and long-term stay basis (one month or longer).
  • If there is no guest during a specific period, this has nothing to concern you: we are your tenant, we pay the rent!

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Contact us for detailed info rents, furnishes and equips your property and offers it to excellent tenants for a month, year or more! Rent your property to us and take advantage of the benefits. We do not just manage your property. We rent it. Save time and secure your income!

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